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Shopping Spree Slot: An Exciting and Enjoyable Slot Variation

An exciting, engaging and enjoyable slot variation, Shopping Spree Slot allows lucky slots players to take home big cash prizes since it has a progressive jackpot. Most slots players like this game since it has similarities with another famous slot variation known as Mid Life Crisis. The difference in these two games, is that Mid Life Crisis attract many male slots players while Shopping Spree Slot gets the attention of many female slots players. To know the other aspects of Shopping Spree Slot, let us have a glimpse at the different elements of this slot variation.

Description of Shopping Spree Slot Machines

Shopping Spree slot machines only accept 25 cents, however, player can place bet as high as 45 coins amounting to $11.25. To qualify for the progressive jackpot prize, players need to place the highest possible stake in the game to win the top prize. The progressive jackpot prize in the game begins at $25,000 and increases as more slots players try the game.

Winning the Interesting Prize in Shopping Spree Slot

If in Mid Life Crisis Slot, players have the chance to win brand new sports car, in Shopping Spree Slot, gamblers can win shopping spree worth $100,000 in New York City. If they do not want to get a shopping spree, they can get cash out the prize. To get this prize, players need to land five diamond ring icons on any active pay line.

Bonus Games in Shopping Spree Slot

Aside from the shopping spree and progressive jackpot prize, this slot variation offers extra rounds that provide opportunities to gamblers to take home additional payouts. One of the bonus games that gamblers can activate in this game is Mystery Grab Bags. To qualify for this extra round, players need to get three cash symbols. When players win in this game, they get additional 40,000 coins.

To make the game attractive and easier to play, every slot machine that features Shopping Spree Slot offers a payout where gamblers can see how much winnings they get in their games. With all the attractive features and colorful icons in the game, even new players in casinos have interest in exploring the other features of Shopping Spree Slot.

Hence, to maximize opportunities in this game, players should first learn the basic game play and elements of the slot variation. In addition, it is important that they employ effective and strong money management strategies to make sure that they will not lose great stakes in this game since its outcomes are highly affected by players' luck.

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