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Play Slot Machines Wisely

More than two-thirds of casino profits come from the operation of slot machines. So when you insert your money into one, there's a pretty good chance that it will end up in the casino's cash box. Just the same, people still love slot machines and flock to casinos to play them. If you're a slots lover, here are some pointers to help you avoid losing most of your money to slots.

When you're in a casino you lose your sense of value on your money that's why it's so easy to lose them all to slot machines, where each spin would require only a small fraction of your dollar. If you're not careful, those cents could run up to so many dollars that you'd find out later that you have put in more money than you are willing to lose. To keep this from happening, you must put a cap on your daily gambling money and be sure to stick to it even if you feel it that you're going to hit the pot after your next spin.

You can never tell when you'll land on a tight slot machine until you've had a few spins. So, set a limit on the number of losing spins you're willing to take before moving on to another machine. If, for example, the machine that you've chosen has not returned a few of the coins you've inserted after your losing spin limit of say, 5 spins, then move on to another machine and repeat the process. This way, you increase your chances of stumbling on a loose slot machine and go home a winner.

Slot machines do not require mastery of any playing rules or skills to win and for each spin, which has the potential of winning hundreds up to millions of dollars worth of jackpot, requires only a few cents of investment. While the minimum payout percentage of slots is regulated by law, gaming jurisdictions program a higher payout percentage in their slot machines than what is actually required by law. The payout percentage of most slots range from 85 to 98 percent depending on the gaming jurisdiction where the slot machines are deployed.

Most casinos disclose the highest payout that any one of their machines has been programmed with. But even with these disclosures, understand that casinos are businesses and are meant to profit out of your gambling losses. That is why it's reasonable to assume that only one of its slots has been programmed with a high payout percentage---and this is what most would call a loose slot machine. When you set a losing spin limit and you move from machine to machine as described above, you increase your chances of hitting on a loose slot machine.

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